Title: Roswell Stargate SG-1, Book #19

Author: Sonny Whitelow & Jennifer Fallon

Publish Date: 2007

Publisher: Pandemonium Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, Spaceships, Alien Worlds, Alien Encounters, Advanced Technology, Advanced Medical, Advanced Weapons, Armed Conflict, Time Travel, Cloaking Device, Asgard, Area 51, Ori, Cloning, Jaffa, Computers, Traitors, Stargates, Military Tactics, Religion, Mysticism, Wormholes


Plot Summary:

SG-1 is chased from a planet through its Stargate by an angry mob of frenzied Ori followers. Somehow the wormhole connecting the planet to Stargate Command gets diverted through time and deposits them underground in a shallow cave that has been carved out by the Stargate’s vortex. Now they are trapped with no way out as their air dwindles perilously below the level that will support their lives.

Meanwhile, back at Stargate Command, General Carter arrives through the Stargate with another person, and she is definitely older than when SG-1 steps through the Gate heading off world. Just as she stepped out of the event horizon and onto the platform, General O’Neill enters the Gate room and realizes immediately that this ‘General Carter’ isn’t the same persona as ‘his’ Carter, but one that is apparently from the future. He learns quickly that SG-1 has been marooned in the past and that the Asgard have been making visits to old Earth. More disturbing than that, he learns that the Asgard might also be responsible for SG-1’s current situation.

After extensive conversation, it is decided that a new mission into the past would be undertaken to rescue SG-1 using a Jumper from the Atlantis Expedition that has been modified by the Ancients for time travel. General Carter works with Vela and Dr. McKay, and provides the coordinates and timing for the trip into the past.

The entire mission is organized and staged quickly and the Jumper launches successfully on its voyage to save O’Neill’s friends. All is normal until the Jumper collides with a spaceship orbiting Earth when they drop out of the time shift in 1947 and the rescue craft crashes through the atmosphere towards certain destruction.



While on a mission, SG-1 encounters Ori followers intent on killing them as blasphemers because they have spoken out against the Ori. As they make their way across a quagmire of mud towards the gate and their escape, the team is pelted with small, round, spiked, steel balls hurled and shot by their pursuers causing gashes and deep wounds on their unprotected backsides.

Before they are wounded beyond their ability to flee through the gate, the team makes their way to the DHD and then out of harm’s way amid a torrent of staff blasts from Ori Priors. When the team emerges from the wormhole on the other side, they find themselves in a small cave that has been carved out of the solid rock by the gate’s vortex. Now, with no exit from their little cave to the surface, their life-giving air begins dwindling fast.