I will discuss some tips for writing a solid term paper I will cover selecting the topic constructing the research question identifying the methods of inquiry formulating a thesis statement building topic sentences and discussing the findings first of all make life easy start working on the assignment right away the assignment is due at the end of the semester but the sooner you begin working on it the easier the workload will be and the higher quality product you will complete at the end of the course I suggest you start by identifying a chapter in the textbook that you find interesting and finding a topic right away selecting the topic so like I just said what chapter in the textbook did you find most interesting because you are able to choose your own topic for this assignment sometimes some students have a really hard time identifying topics that are relevant to the course in order to make sure that your topic is relevant to the course. Get more info on term papers on Edusson.

You can start by identifying a certain chapter in the textbook you find interesting then what is it about the topic that you’d like to learn more about so start to focus that topic selection narrowing down the topic let’s say you found chapter 10 on the judicial branch pretty interesting you can focus it further to the US Supreme Court even further to US Supreme Court vacancies appointments and ideology even further to the ideological leaning of Supreme Court appointees do you see how I started with a chapter chapter 10 a very broad topic the judicial branch and slowly narrow the topic further and further next you want to formulate a research question what is it about the ideological leaning of appointees that you want to learn more about you can conduct a preliminary search so plug in those topic terms and see what you find you can ask yourself questions like how what and why when you start to formulate a question.

You want to ask yourself is it too broad or too narrow does it provide a new take or is it boring here’s some examples on the left you see an example of a weak bad question and on the right you see an example of a strong good question an example of a weak bad question does ideology play a role in Supreme Court vacancies well this question is a bit too vague and one could say it’s also boring because we know from the text that it does so it doesn’t provide anything new to the contribution to contribute anything new to the research that we don’t already know okay the next one do presidents appoint judges to the Supreme Court who adopt the same ideological leaning as themselves now this one isn’t as vague as the first one it’s more focused and clear but like the first one it is boring we already know that they do as identified in the textbook in the readings.