I’ll talk about using a hook in writing an essay hook not to be confused with your scientific Hookes law this is a hook while writing academic essays so please look at the slide here is a sample text and how to use a hook now new technologies above all the computer facilitates surveillance in ways that Max Weber Franz Kafka or George Orwell never dreamed of but neo hardware and software do not on their own create new surveillance indeed must surveillance occurs because in the world of modernity people prefer a private existence which prompts the development of systems to authenticate their activities in the public world presenting a driver’s license to a police officer from within a private car makes the point.

Well of course and now of course is your hook transition from one paragraph to another and what is he saying that yob for their pride for the sake of their privacy people are using surveillance and of course it is ironic that the quest for privacy produces surveillance because his surveillance sort of encroaches on your privacy but here the writer makes a very efficient use of a hook where he makes a transition from the previous idea thought and connects it to the next paragraph so this is a good example of using a hook you should know that hooks help in flowing of thoughts from paragraph to paragraph writers use a hook to connect ideas between one paragraph and the next of course becomes one example of hook and you can also use words such as as well as on the contrary furthermore over the transition of an idea from one para to another please look at this particular slide it has references about writing hooks I’ve given you three useful links all right now layout of an essay is extremely important and some cardinal rules lay out of an essay so some important rules of writing a layout is that remember to be very particular about when to use capital and when to use your cases in formal and academic writing.

It is important to distinguish between upper and lower cases we have already talked about using contractions and abbreviations minimal use of abbreviations and contractions and contracted forms of verbs should be avoided like don’t or shouldn’t or mustn’t it should be avoided in written language avoid writing the entire essay in capital letters sometimes people do that please avoid that you should also remember not to write one line paragraphs it’s important that there should be paragraphs but there is a method to it you cannot write one essay in one breathless stone with no paragraphing at the same time avoid using one line and single line paragraphs also avoid using bullet points and numbers unless absolutely necessary and remember always to leave some space or line or a line between paragraphs now here is a list of references how to write effective essays please take a look at this slide so this was just an introduction to how to write an essay how to frame the outline and what are the key elements.