At that point, another attack comes in force at a camp where Lon and his men are positioned. Lon has his command in a shallow cave when the rebels detonate the mining camp’s explosives bunker above the mine entrance.

Hurt, bleeding, and nearly deaf, Lon thinks it may be time to throw in the towel.


As was noted in our reviews of the previous books in the DMC series of novels, the story focused heavily on the ground-based conflicts between warring factions on a planet settled by humans.

This novel, however, had a theme slightly closer to being a better example of Science Fiction as it had integrated details and science more thoroughly to allow the reader to believe the action could actually be on a different planet, rather than just somewhere else on their own.

The author also gives the primary character, Lon Nolan, a much more real personality as a person with a deeper insight into his own feelings and emotions towards his family, and the death of a friend.

This book is a great read and flows very well, with only a rare stumbling block of grammar or spelling. That’s why I recommend to check yout writings with an online essay writing service before publishing. This is quite probably the best of the DMC series so far!


The novel was clearly written with a well-thought storyline which helps keep the action even and believable. It was as if the author had a template that he was using to maintain the story flow.

The author took the time and effort to give Lon a life that is seemingly real to the reader when he lost one of his closest friends, and allowed Lon’s grief and sorrow to come through.

The story was fast-paced, with well-described action sequences and just enough detail not to bog the reader down with an overload.


This novel is based on a military conflict on a planet settled by humans with a focus on that land-based action. This left the reader with a doubt in their mind that this could be just another place right here on Earth. There just was not enough information to drive home that this was a Science Fiction novel.

The author left a few questions open as the novel ended. One deals with what will happen to the entities that were determined to be responsible for the attacks and thefts on Bancroft. It was stated that the rebels were based in the Sol solar system, but not much more was said about how they would be dealt with.

Another is how well the planet’s new militia will be able to defend against any possible future rebel attacks once the DMC leaves Bancroft. It appears that there is not going to be a strong militia presence, especially when it was very hard for the DMC men to protect them as it was.